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We are the leading online perfume experts in Delhi,India since 2019. We’re dedicated to give you the very best of Arabic & French Perfumes. Each fragrance is  designed by a famous nose to be contemporary, refined, and rich

We are Happy to announce that we are leading manufacturer and retailer of your favorite French & Arabic Fragrances.DesScentual Perfumes has all DESIGNER and NICHE perfume fragrances , simply spray on yourPULSE POINTS and swirl in the most aromatic yet seductive cloud of fragrance.Feel the divine fragrance notes and give your senses their most indulgent experience ever.We are accepting orders from PAN India. We have generically blended concussions ofyour favorite perfume fragrances.We have worthy elegant blends that DEFINES YOUR STYLE.We deal in designer & luxury perfumes. “Parfum” is a french word & our perfumes consist 40% of perfume oil concentration & 60% solvent.We have more than 100+ perfume blends & all fragrance are of swiss quality. We don’t deal in Local or synthetic item. We have arabic attars which are 100% oil concentration & it’s not mixture of mindrol oil and local oil.As we don’t deal in EDT or Spray, so we have 9 to 16 hours of long lasting in perfumes. We provide 100% quality & 0% compromise in regards of fragrance. When a customer buys our product once . then he/she orders again & again. Our focus on providing niche quality of fragrance & build good business relationship.

“This is the perfect place to buy a wonderful fragrance like french and Arabic. I am also using a fragrance that i have Purchased from DesScentual Perfumes and I am completely satisfied with the long-lasting of that fragrances.”
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